Refurbished Dell hardware

We stock a wide range of refurbished Dell hardware that offers a high level of performance and can compete with new equipment.

We have collected a wide selection of Dell hardware. You can find it here whether you need servers, memory, hard drives, processors, or storage. We offer virtually all types of end-of-life hardware from Dell, so you can find what you need.

Cheaper Dell hardware at the same high quality

With refurbished hardware from Dell, you are guaranteed the same high quality as if you had bought new hardware - at the same time, you get an advantageous price. Dell does not compromise on quality or performance, nor do we at Epoka. By choosing refurbished Dell hardware, you can save significantly while getting hardware that works as well as new.

Thorough testing process and high-quality standard

As part of our refurbishment service and to ensure that all products meet the high standards set by the brand, all products undergo an extensive testing process. Only when the product has passed all tests is it placed in stock. Even if the product is not new, you can be sure they work the same way as new products.

Environmental sustainability

When you buy refurbished hardware rather than new, you are making an environmentally conscious choice. Rather than buying new and increasing the demand for the production of new hardware, you extend the life of already existing parts and contribute to reducing electronic waste and thus promote a greener environment.
Recycling hardware is a sustainable approach that harmonizes with the desire to reduce our CO2 footprint.

Warranty and support on refurbished Dell equipment

We guarantee the quality of our refurbished Dell IT hardware. That's why we offer 12-month warranty coverage on all Dell products, except for tape storage and batteries.
At Epoka, we have a team of experts, specifically within Dell. If you have any questions about Dell products, please contact us at - we are ready to help you.
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Dell R740/R740XD Mot

Dell R740/R740XD MotherBoard

Dell Motherboard R74

Dell Motherboard R7425

Dell R740/R740XD Mot

Dell R740/R740XD MotherBoard

Dell Motherboard MX8

Dell Motherboard MX840C

System Board for Del

System Board for Dell Power Edge R930

Dell Motherboard cpu

Dell Motherboard cpu 3+4

Motherboard for R640

Motherboard for R640 V4

Dell Precision T5810

Dell Precision T5810 Motherboard

Motherboard for R440

Motherboard for R440/R540 V2

Dell R540 Motherboar

Dell R540 Motherboard