Why not use good-working, cost-reducing products?

We believe that it is worth it to extend the life of end-of-life products. In our experience, end-of-life products are usually still in good working condition long after the manufacturer stopped service. There is especially no reason to worry about quality and durability when the products have been through a refurbishment process.

So what are end-of-life products? 

When a product has been on the market for a long time, it will eventually reach a point where it is not worth the effort or money to keep up production. This means that the product is not for sale anymore, but it is still supported. When the support ends as well, it becomes an end-of-life product. At this point,  the company no longer supports or sells the product, so there are no more spare parts, servicing, or troubleshooting available from the company. Nevertheless, the end-of-life announcement does not mean that the product does not work anymore. 

Extending the life of a system

It is not difficult to extend the life of a system, as long as there are spare parts in circulation, and there is someone with good knowledge of the product. When you decide to keep using an end-of-life system, you might find it inconvenient to retrieve new parts for it, as they are no longer available from the manufacturer. Fortunately, it is not hard to find used or refurbished parts on the market. Sometimes it is even possible to buy unopened or unused parts as well. 

Become independent and save money

By extending the life of a system, you become independent from the manufacturer and can continue using it for a lot longer. This way you become free from the manufacturer dictated life cycle – you can wait until you truly need an upgrade.

The reason companies choose an old system over newer ones is not only the difference in the price of the products themselves. The cost of maintenance and upkeep decline as well.

Save time as well

Furthermore, when a company has to switch to a different system, it takes time to prepare for the change, implement the change, and adjust to the new system.

This ties down valuable resources, such as time, and reduces efficiency temporarily. Therefore, when your system is still good enough to fulfil your requests, then it is usually better to extend its life and avoid the hassle of switching systems.

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