End-of-life products

The IT product life cycle that manufacturers set is often shorter than the actual life span of the product, even though end-of-life products are usually still fine.

When continuing to use older systems, you can use the investment cost for other purposes.
Since spare parts for older systems are not continually produced, buying used or refurbished parts is best.
See the many benefits of refurbishment below.

1. Refurbishment is cost-effective

You can save up to 95% of the manufacturer list price when buying refurbished.

Refurbished products are cheaper than new parts while being of the same quality. However, if you want to continue using your older system, buying refurbished parts is not only cost-effective, but also reduces quality issues, further lengthening the life of the equipment.


2. As good as new

Refurbished products are tested and cleaned before they are sold. They must pass various diagnostics tests, and some of them are even certified by the original manufacturer. The refurbishment process filters out non-functional or broken equipment, so when you buy a refurbished product, you can be sure that will work.

3. Extend the life of old, good-working systems

If your older system still works well and fulfills its purpose perfectly, there is no reason to switch to newer systems.

By buying refurbished products, you can extend the life of your system and continue to use it for many years.

Quality control and rigorous testing guarantee that the equipment is ready to work without any issues.

4. Free from the defined IT product life cycle

If you buy refurbished products, you become independent from the manufacturers and the pre-defined IT product life cycle. End-of-life systems are not necessarily broken or obsolete. Therefore, it makes no sense to stop using an otherwise well-functioning system because of its age. By buying refurbished parts instead of a new system, you can wait until you genuinely need a newer system or upgrade.

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