Our core business

The core of our business is the refurbishment of end-of-life products, such as enterprise servers, storage, and networking hardware. Our refurbishment process guarantees that we can provide our customers with high-quality equipment, so you can continue using your set-up even if it is not supported anymore by the original manufacturer. See our five-step refurbishing process below.

1. Products from reliable sources

Ensure high-quality standards with our carefully selected suppliers. At Epoka, we understand the importance of sourcing products from trustworthy suppliers. That's why our selection process starts with carefully selecting the suppliers we work with.

In addition, our suppliers know our strict quality standards and follow a packing guide to ensure that products arrive safely at our warehouse. As a result, Epoka guarantees high-quality products for our customers by only buying from carefully chosen suppliers.

quality control and careful cleaning process

2. Quality control

At Epoka, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products. That's why a technician thoroughly inspects every product upon arrival to ensure that it meets our quality standards. The inspection includes a visual check to confirm safe arrival and verify serial numbers to guarantee authenticity.

Any product that does not pass the authenticity test is not sold. In addition, each product undergoes a careful cleaning process to ensure that it is ready for testing and use by our customers.

3. Diagnostics testing

At Epoka, all products that pass initial inspection move on to thorough diagnostics testing. This includes formatting, erasing, and overwriting all hard disks to guarantee good working order and data security. Our technicians use the brand's official diagnostic tool or our in-built test system to ensure that all products meet our high standards.

After passing all tests, the product is ready for sale to our customers, ensuring they receive a high-quality data-cleared device.


4. Configuration

At Epoka, we go beyond just refurbishing products. Our expert technicians offer a configuration service to customize your new equipment to meet your specific needs, saving you time and hassle. Whether you're looking for particular software installations or tailored settings, our technicians have the experience to deliver.

 Are you interested in this service? Ask your Epoka contact person for the best service and efficiency when placing your order.

5. Packaging

Discover the benefits of purchasing refurbished devices, including reduced e-waste and extended device lifespan. Trustworthy suppliers and thorough inspection and testing processes ensure the authenticity and quality of our products. Customize your order with our configuration service and receive expertly packaged, protected products with custom-fitted crates and static-free materials.

Contact Epoka today to learn more about our sustainable refurbishment options.


Epoka's Refurbishment Process


Worldwide maintenance

We offer our 24/7 maintenance service at our customer's location.

That means that we are able to support you in all of Europe and in more than 100 countries globally.

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