Our core business

The core of our business is the refurbishment of end-of-life products, such as enterprise servers, storage and networking hardware. Our refurbishment process guarantees that we can provide our customers with high quality equipment, so you can continue using your set-up even if it is not supported anymore by the original manufacturer. See our five-step refurbishing process below.

1. Products from reliable sources

The selection process starts with our suppliers. Epoka only buys products from carefully selected suppliers - it is important to us that we buy from trustworthy sources.

Our suppliers are aware of our high quality standards, and thus they follow a packing guide, which guarantees that products arrive safely to our warehouse.

2. Quality control

All products are inspected by a technician upon arrival to ensure that it passes our quality requirements. The products are inspected visually to check if they have arrived safely. We also check the serial numbers of the products. This way we can guarantee the authenticity of each product.

We do not sell products that do not pass the authenticity test. Furthermore, we carefully clean every product, so they are ready for testing.

3. Diagnostics testing

Products that pass inspection move on to the next step, which is diagnostics testing. As part of our test, every hard disk is formatted, erased and written over in an effort to ensure that it is in good working order. Hereby, we can guarantees that no data is left from the original owner.

For testing, our technicians use either the brand’s official diagnostics tool, or the in-built test system.  After the product passed all tests, it is ready for sale

4. Configuration

At Epoka we do not only refurbish products - we also offer a configuration service. Our technicians are experienced in configuration and they are ready to customize your new equipment according to your wishes. This way you save time as your order is already prepared at Epoka. If you are interested in this service, ask your contact person at Epoka, when you place your order.

5. Packaging

The last step before products leave Epoka is packaging. Products are packaged with great care into custom-fitted crates, using static-free materials to ensure the best protection while the product is being shipped. 

In case of special orders, you also have the option to request specific packaging. If you have any wishes regarding packaging, please talk to your contact person at Epoka.

Epoka's Refurbishment Process

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