Our experienced packaging and warehouse team will handle your package

Our logistics department handles shipping to several locations around the world daily. Our experienced packing and warehouse team can prepare orders efficiently and quickly.

Each order is securely packed before shipping to minimize the chances of damage. They are also ready to accommodate special requests regarding packaging, such as individual packaging or blind shipping. 

Convenient and fast shipping

We work together with eg. DHL & FedEx to provide convenient and fast shipping to our customers, of which we choose the fastest one every time.

You can track the order, and we send out a shipping alert when the order has left the warehouse. Using your own DHL account for shipping is also possible. We are going to make the booking for you, and we will, of course, help you get a good price.

Blind shipping available for resellers

A special service we offer is blind shipping. If you are a reseller and you are ordering on behalf of your customer, we can send the order directly to your customer from here. In this case, we will use your data on the package, such as your logo and address, so it looks like the order came from you.

This way, you save time and can deliver faster to your customer and avoid repackaging the order. We include a matching delivery note with the package for your customer, and you will receive a separate invoice.

Customized packaging

Our packaging consists of durable cardboard boxes, certified pallets, and even custom-made crates when necessary. We use special anti-static materials inside the packaging to wrap and protect the products. 

On request, we can pack the products separately as well, so each product has its own box and product information label. Reach out to your contact person if you prompt this option.

Experience with worldwide shipping

We have handled orders heading to 120+ countries all around the world. In this manner, we can organize proper and fast transportation to any location around the world, and our partnership allows us to do so for a reasonable price.

If the order is going to a location where it is mandatory to go through customs, we can assist you by providing all the necessary paperwork. If you need these documents, just tell your contact person at Epoka when you order - it will make getting your package through customs considerably easier.


Worldwide maintenance

We offer our 24/7 maintenance service at our customer's location.

That means that we are able to support you in all of Europe and in more than 100 countries globally.

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