Data Wiping

Ensuring your data security and privacy

In a time where data is more valuable than ever, ensuring that you sensitive information is permanently and securely wiped is crucial. When it comes to safeguarding your confidential data, we leave no room for compromise.

Our data data wiping techniques ensure that all traces of your information are completely eradicated from your devices, leaving no chance for data breaches.

With Epoka Data Wiping Service, we offer you a data wiping service that provides peace of mind, compliance and benefits for your company. 

Epoka Data Wiping service is available worldwide both on-site as well as off-site. 

Prices (Off-site)BLANCCOKillDiskBasic Wiping
Less than 100 drives€18 ea€14 ea€8 ea
More than 100 drives€14 ea€10 ea€6 ea

Data Wiping services

In compliance with the NIST SP 800-88 or CESG standards in a secure environment and certificates of data sanitization will be supplied, including serial number details.

KillDisk also overwrites all sectors on the drives, ensuring all data is permanently wiped. Certificates will be provided with serial number details.

Basic Wiping
We ensure and take full responsibility that all data on the drive is wiped without individual reports.

Why choose Data Wiping solutions?

Compliance made easy
Stay compliant with data protection regulations with our services. Our data wiping service is designed to help you maintain the highest standards of compliance effortlessly.

Data Wiping saves you money by extending the life of your hardware and reducing the risk of data leaks. 

Enviromental Responsibility
By choosing data wiping, you contribute to reducing electronic waste. We help you do your part for the environment by ensuring that your devices are ready for reuse or recycling. 

Products from reliable sources
Products from reliable sources
quality control and careful cleaning process
quality control and careful cleaning process

How it works

1. Contact Epoka
Get in touch and we will find the best solution for you; whether you want on-site or off-site wiping and which plan is right for  you.  

2. Creating a list of devices
Epoka will create a list of devices requiring data sanitization, ensuring closed-loop confirmation that all devices are processed through the appropiate data sanitization process.

3. Identifying units
Hard drives identified for reuse/remarketing will be force-routed through a data sanitization process.

Epoka's Refurbishment Process

Epoka's Data Wiping Service

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